Sources: Governor angered by lack of attendance at delegation meeting

A sparsely attended congressional delegation meeting this morning irritated Gov. Chris Christie, according to sources.

Deprived of a quorum at the quarterly gathering, Congressmen Rob Andrews, Scott Garrett, Rush Holt, Leonard Lance, and Frank Pallone had more time to talk to the governor.

But it didn’t translate into much, said the mostly mutually disappointed players who made the effort. 

The governor was not happy, said one source, and never went up to the conference room on the third floor of the Statehouse for the scheduled meeting.

Minus the ten other members of the 15-member strong delegation (including the two senators), the congressmen finally individually trickled down to the governor’s office to jawbone with New Jersey’s chief executive.

One Democratic source said the lack of numbers at the meeting wasn’t just idle foot-dragging on the part of some Democrats, but a conscious resistance to the GOP governor.

“No one’s going to bust their ass to go be a lapdog,” said the source, who described two other delegation meetings with the governor as highly controlled affairs in which the congresspeople couldn’t talk about certain issues.

The same source did credit the governor, however, for at least attempting to hold meetings, in contrast to Gov. Jon Corzine, who didn’t make an effort to gather the delegation.

A source close to the governor said Christie understood others of the delegation had things they had to attend to and described it as a good and productive meeting. When he saw the final number of participants, he moved it to his office for comfort and convenience.


Sources: Governor angered by lack of attendance at delegation meeting