Start-Up News: Tech Comedy Fiesta, Aviary API Contest, Hashable Hiring

Your week in New York start-ups starts here.

LOL. The New York Tech Comedy Ball, which promises a 50-50 girl-to-guy ratio and featured tiered pricing to that end, is TONIGHT. Open bar, comedy, “surprise celebrity guests,” sponsor giveaways and a VIP afterparty are in store. Step and repeat! Red carpet experience! 8 p.m., Greenhouse. Hint: Password can be found via Google.

YO, INNOVATE FOR US, YO. Aviary is hosting its first API contest, a free-for-all for the “best app” created with the company’s new Effects API. Grand prize is an iPad 2, runner-up gets an F-Stop Watch, and the honorable mention will score some t-shirts or some such things with Aviary’s fancy logos.

LAMESTREAM MEDIA. SeatGeek co-founders Russ D’Souza and Jack Groetzinger were on Fox News this morning for Small Business Spotlight–ooh, who does your PR?–while Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley learned how to read a teleprompter at MSNBC.

DRINKS WITH THE PRESIDENT. Tech@NYU’s new president, Vivek Patel, is boozing with techies Thursday at 8 p.m. at Vapiano’s. Maybe we can make it over after the New York Business Entrepreneur’s Network panel on media and start-ups.

BRR, IT’S COLD IN HERE. What’s up with the Fridge? We heard a Betabeat request for tips was reposted in the WeWorkLabs Fridge, and apparently Y Combinator and Dogpatch Labs New York and San Francisco are using the private social network as well. The app is also being used in high school classrooms and at NYU as well as by HackNY fellows. Parsons School of Design is using the app for the entire MFA incoming class of 2013.

#HIREME. Want to work for one of the most dubious and overexposed start-ups in the New York tech scene? Hashable is seeking an experienced Data Visualization Engineer to design and develop a system that will allow us to analyze user-generated data and data from other systems and databases to facilitate decision making, product development and content offerings.

WHAT ARE YOU READING? Remember Sitesimon (sites-I’m-on) from their debut at New York Tech Meetup a few months back? The app, which broadcasts what sites you’re browsing in real-time, now has a Chrome add-on that lets you easily turn the service on and off and share what you’re seeing. The app has also switched to a follower model, so you can make it so only your friends see what you’re doing. Also, they’re ready for more users now! Invites are now being encouraged.

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