Sunday Reading: After the Rapture and the Meaning of NY26


Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, heading south on Riverside Drive on his way to work. photo credit: Angel Franco/The New York Times

2016: Hillary? [Patrick Reddy / Buffalo News]

’67 Borders: “[W]e cannot afford to wait another decade, or another two decades, or another three decades, to achieve peace,” said Obama. [AP]

’67 Borders: Obama explains “it means that the parties themselves – Israelis and Palestinians – will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967.” [Alisan Gendar / NY Daily News]

’67 Borders: White House won’t say if top adviser Dennis Ross backs Obama’s position. [Helene Cooper and Mark Landler]

’67 Borders: Josh Greenman shakes his head. [NY Daily News]

NY26: Medicaid a big issue; Davis spoiling Corwin’s chances. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

NY26: If Hochul wins, she’ll be a blue dog, and pull Dems to the right. [Down with Tyranny]

NY26: If Corwin loses, “a lot of other Republican congressmen are going to suddenly dump Ryanism.” [Kyle Smith / NY Post]

NY26: Corwin emails “Our opponents are bringing in liberal downstate unions and radical special interests to drive out their vote.” [Twitter]

NY26: GOP County Exec Collins has a lot riding on the election. [Bob McCarthy / Buffalo News]

NY26: Corwin must know where her chief of staff is; Hochul didn’t do much on tollbooths; Davis is unhinged; seat may not exist after redistricting. [Donn Esmonde / Buffalo News]

NY26: “If Corwin can turn the conversation back to the economy, she wins.” [Rick Moran / American Thinker]

NY26: The district is Republican leaning, 75 miles, 7 counties; voters mostly German-Irish-Italian defendants with a median income of $55,028. [Phil Fairbanks / Buffalo News]

Medicare: Ryan plan makes Obamacare something Dems can be proud of. [NY Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: Editors push for legalization; eyes Republican McDonald. [Times Union]

School Salary: $500,000 for retired superintendent on LI. “Obscene” say editors. [NY Daily News]

Pension: Doctors say retired FDNY member no longer disabled. Law Department, FDNY and pension board scrambling. [David Seifman]

GOP Takeover: Insurgent County Leader has establishment support on Staten Island. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Bike Lanes: Wolfson would ride faster if Grynbaum could keep up. [Michael Grynbaum / NY Times]

Art Funding: Advocate tells lawmakers institutions will lose $35.5 million in Bloomberg budget; refuse to explain figures to reporters. [Michael Saul and Erica Orden / Wall Street Journal]

Hotel Safety: Assemblyman Lancman wants hotel staffers to have panic buttons. [Twitter]

The Bible and Sex: A quiz. [Nick Kristof]

Books: Central Park Jogger retrospective, informative; history of public health policy in NYC worth reading; Zoning Handbook “entertaining.” [Sam Roberts]

Rapture: Daily News tries cashing in on it. [Tumblr] Sunday Reading: After the Rapture and the Meaning of NY26