Sunday Reading: Buffalo News for Hochul, News Corp for Transparency

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Anti-Terrorism: NYC could lose $186 million under GOP budget. [Alison Gendar and Richard Schapiro]

Murdoch’s Money: News Corp to disclose its political donations. [Brian Stelter]

NY26: Editors endorse Dem Hochul; more “rounded” view of government; better defender of health care. “If the goal were simply to cut the deficit, Corwin…would be the choice.” [Buffalo News]

NY26: Hochul and Corwin debate on Wednesday. [Bob McCarthy]

Bloomberg’s Money: It goes to organizations that support his agenda and sometimes employee former aides. [Candice Giove and Ginger Otis]

Bloomberg’s Transparency: Spokesman says pension funds should release names of retirees, and their earnings. [David Seifman]

Bloomberg’s Term: “For Bloomberg, this is beyond the lame-duck danger zone — this has the makings of a collapse. Unless his attitude changes, and he is able to convince the public he is fully engaged, I don’t see how he can substantially recover.” [Michael Goodwin]

Bloomberg’s Advice: “Don’t play it safe,” he tells grads at George Washington University. [NY1]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Many moving pieces; future agenda at stake now. [Jeremy Smerd]

Same-Sex Marriage: Wealth GOP donors join the coalition to legalize it. Chairman of Manhattan Institute among them. [Nick Confessore and Michael Barbaro]

Same-Sex Marriage: GOP State Senator Robach would support civil unions, but not marriage. [Cara Matthews]

Headline: “Cuomo Supports Marriage Equality; But Will Senate Have the Votes?’ []

Redistricting: Bill Samuels fears the effort is “99 percent dead” for 2012. [Jon Campell]

Dinner Politics: Rep. Grimm skips SI GOP event, but drops a lot of money on it. Also, Bloomberg speaks to local State Island civic association on May 19. [Tom Wrobleski]

Education Staff: Administrator says Cuomo is “illogical and misleading” to not acknowledge impact of reducing staff. [John Metallo]

Education Politics: After questioned, de Blasio’s office removes link to UFT web site. [New York Post]

Regulating Wall Street: Cuomo’s chief of staff, Ben Lawsky, will need new state agency. [Dan Wiessner]

Taxis: Borough-only medallions in the works. [David Seifman]

Power Breakfast: Less stuffy than The Regency is 540 Park; Emma Bloomberg goes there. [Diane Cardwell]

Pedro Espada: Has an unauthorized “official business” placard from state police in his car. [Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein]

Vito Lopez: An ally of his was paid $23,000 for a 10-week job with Senate Democrats; not manny remember his work. [Aaron Short] Sunday Reading: Buffalo News for Hochul, News Corp for Transparency