Svpply Founder Admits: “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”

In the annals of CEO blog postings, Ben Pieratt”s recent writings on the challenges of running Svpply stand out for their bracing honesty.

I have zero experience or expertise in building a company. I’ve never worked at a web or product startup, I’ve never worked in a healthy team environment. The design studio I co-owned was flawed to its core, and the companies I’ve worked at have had mediocre management.

So I’m learning on the fly.

Things I don’t know how to do that I have to learn soon or Svpply will fail:

– How to find and recruit talent
– Recruiting the appropriate kind of talent
– Managing people and keeping them fulfilled in their work
– How to develop and design a work schedule
– How to communicate a vision

Speaking publicly about the slow development of new features, the bouts of worry and depression and the deep technical problems at his company was probably a relief for Pieratt. It generated an burst of support from the Tumblr community and drew attention from various media outlets. The post is title “My Job Pt. 1 – I have no idea what I’m doing”, and Pieratt’s investors and employees are no doubt waiting to see what he reveals next. Svpply Founder Admits: “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”