Sweeney calls for adequate funding of all under-funded districts

Senate President Steve Sweeney called today for adequate funding of the state’s under-funded school districts in light of the Abbott ruling.

 “Two years ago,” he said in a release, “Democrats devised a constitutional funding formula that abolished the practice of basing school funding on zip codes. By ignoring the law, Governor Christie has single-handedly recreated the Abbotts and brought the courts back into New Jersey education.

“The governor, who as a candidate promised no school cuts, was well aware that his draconian cuts to education were illegal. Unfortunately, the governor has learned that his actions have consequences.

“As Senate President, I am committed to bringing all underfunded districts up to the adequacy standard, which will ensure proper funding for the state’s 205 underfunded districts. Using the state’s windfall, we should provide additional funding for all inadequately funded districts across New Jersey. This will render the court’s decision a moot point.

“Adequate funding and quality education are not urban versus rural or suburban issues. Education is a New Jersey issue.”

Sweeney calls for adequate funding of all under-funded districts