Textingly Seeds the Web With SMS Apps

In a smart expansion of its current offerings, local start-up Textingly, which helps businesses manage their SMS interactions with customers, is building out an app platform to integrate their services with some big web companies.

Users of the more than 18 million WordPress blogs, for example, can now add a Textingly widget to their site which powers real time polling and news alerts via SMS.

A similar add on would let small businesses add live chat to their website so they can talk with customers in-real time, providing customer service or working to seal a sale.

Eventbrite, which just raised $50 million to build out its business and take on massive competitors like Ticketmaster, is going to integrate with Textingly to build SMS alerts and even text message tickets.

Perhaps most interestingly Textingly announced an integration with Twilio, which is the company powering dozens of the most widely used group messaging apps. Clearly Textingly won’t expand the capabilities of services like GroupMe and Kik, but it might be a useful addition for other Twilio based services that are not focused on SMS.

  Textingly Seeds the Web With SMS Apps