The Day 2 Bin Laden Stories

How do you follow up on yesterday’s historic news?

Some papers are (still?) covering the reaction while most are getting into the more newsy backstory to how we got there. And with Obama’s visit to Ground Zero set for Thursday, the rest of the week is pretty much dedicated to Osama bin Laden.

What I’ve found most in the coverage today isn’t the amount of space given to bin Laden news, or the speed with which it’s political benefits for Obama are being debated, but rather, just how widely it is actually going.

Not only did the New York Times print a special “Death of Bin Laden” 10-page section, but he’s also above the fold in the arts section, where Michiko Kakutani surveys the literature about the terrorist.

As for deviation, the Plattsburgh-based Press-Republican is the only paper in New York state (that I’ve seen so far) that doesn’t have a major bin Laden story leading their front page. A local murder allegedly perpetrated by a 14-year-old tops their front page, followed by a story of students at the local college reacting to bin Laden’s death.

And, in the head-to-head tabloid wars in the city, come these numbers:

The Daily News tops 11 pages with their “Rot in Hell” banner; The New York Post uses a “Bin Laden Dead” banner above their 12 pages dedicated to the story.

Tom McGeveran has an excellent breakdown of the tabloid coverage today, noting that the New York Post coverage is more compelling, despite having some outdated details. 

The Day 2 Bin Laden Stories