The Voice Behind an Angry, Anonymous Robocall

Steve Kramer, robocall specialist. (photo credit: facebook)

A bit more about the anonymous robocall attacking a consultant working on the Jack Davis campaign:

“The only reason I got involved is because I like Jack Davis,” said Steve Kramer, a robo-call specialist based in New York, who is taking credit for the calls. He told me he did it out of disdain for Jim Spencer, one of Davis’s campaign consultants.

“I saw him operate in a certain way with the Jack Davis campaign, and spoke with enough of his former clients to get a real profile of this guy,” said Kramer. “I’m so glad he’s old and that he’ll die or be out of the business soon, because he’s a real scumbag.”

Kramer, if you haven’t met him, is cherub-faced, prone to wearing shiny dress shirts, and boasts a client list with 59 members of Congress and countless governors and state legislators. Generously, he declined to unleash his call in the 26th District, out of concern it might damage the candidate instead of Spencer.

“I want to hurt his business,” said Kramer, who gloated, “I also hit 3,500 people in his Boston neighborhood.”

Kramer said he would have liked to see Davis elected to Congress, but fears Spencer and his aides led a good candidate astray.

“Jim Spencer is a total prick, and Curtis Ellis [the campaign manager] is a whiny little bitch,” said Kramer.

Spencer had been unaware who was responsible for the calls, but learned it was Kramer when I asked him for a comment. Spencer said Kramer is  just “disgruntled” over his short-lived stint working for the campaign, and added, “this is some kind of weird, personal vendetta.”

Kramer disputed Spencer’s account, and emailed me to say, “If he is looking to escalate…you can tell him I’m ready.”

Ellis declined to respond directly to Kramer, but told me, overall, this has been a weird race.

This campaign is like an acid trip,” he said.

The Voice Behind an Angry, Anonymous Robocall