This website could save you hours of aggravation

How much time have you lost looking for a parking space? Parkopedia—which calls itself “Wikipedia for parking”—bets that it’s enough to make its service invaluable.

The website, which is also available as an i- or mobile-phone app, asks you for a location—you can type in a city, neighborhood, or street address—and shows you a map of local garages, parking lots, and private spaces that are currently up for rent.You can zoom in to see covered or uncovered parking spaces, motorcycle parking spaces, and other available spaces, and search in cities like Paris or London. (A price-and-availability calculator narrows the search further, letting you see specific prices and time periods.) Parkopedia is easy to navigate, and that makes it quite useful. (Especially if you’re visiting Boston, New York, or other cities where parking can be a total nightmare.) But we’re most interested in curbside parking—and in that department Parkopedia’s in need of a serious overhaul. For now, it’s mostly for drivers who are traveling to cities other than their own.

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