This wonderful website is a cinemaniac’s dream come true

Lost Films is a German initiative that asks visitors to check out and identify the 3,500 “lost” films in its archives.

Some are by great directors. (Amazingly, five of Ernst Lubitsch’s movies make the list.) Some are so obscure, we can’t imagine that they’ll ever be ID’d. Andsome sound so wonderful, we very much hope they’ll be recovered. Take, for instance, Unidentified Film No. 254—a two-reeler in which “Snooky the monkey [actually, a chimp—ed.] gets married at the ‘Jungle Mission,’ while other monkeys [also chimps] play pool, go to the ‘Monkavich & Co. Pawn Shop,’ use the ‘Lion Taxi’ service, and a nurse loses track of her baby while falling for a member of the ‘Jungle Chief Fire Dept.’” Visiting film buffs can (and should) submit clips, stills, documents, posters, or reviews that might have fallen into their hands. But if you don’t have (or know the first thing about) the relevant materials, don’t worry: This Internet portal is still a fascinating place to poke around in.

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