Treasurer sees school funding formula in positive light

TRENTON – Even though the amount of state aid parochial and private schools will receive in the proposed 2012 budget will be the same as the prior year, Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff said the funding is one way is actually more.

The reason: Enrollment in such schools has declined, so per-pupil costs are actually higher.

Sidamon-Eristoff admitted at today’s Assembly Budget Committee hearing that might be “small solace” but it is the case.

The amount of state aid for those schools is $79.5 million.

However, Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-36) of Passaic, who asked a question about state aid for non-public schools,  said that while that is a valid argument, freezes in grants for such things like technology actually put them at a financial disadvantage.

“It seems to me we are not being consistent,” he said.

The Christie Administration has proposed restoring $240 million in state aid to public schools, after cutting more than $800 million last year. Treasurer sees school funding formula in positive light