Want to Make a Facebook for Dishing on Dates? Jordan Cooper Will Pay You!

Jordan Cooper of Lerer Ventures and Hyperpublic wants a social network where he can talk about his love life, and he’s looking for someone to build it. “I want to build an app that let’s you share your dating life with your friends.  I would estimate that conversation about dating and pursuits of the opposite (or same) sex represent a higher volume of conversation than just about any other topic,” he blogged today.

The vision: A strictly private network, similar to Path or the Fridge, where posts expire in 24 hours, and that syncs with dating sites across the web. “I want to let my friends who are now married live single life vicariously through me, and at the same time, perhaps provide a forum for them to share matters of the married heart,” he said. He imagines posting a photo of a girl he just went on a date with, along with comments, and links, and maybe a story about her, or a plea for advice.

“‘Look at this kindergarten teacher I’m about to meet’ and the follow-up with ‘He was really sensitive, but his breath was fucking terrible.  No go.’  These are the conversations that we have every day, I want to enhance them with richer forms of media and concepts of following/updates/and mobility that the web and mobile web can deliver,” Mr. Cooper wrote.

Local Googler David Kay responded in the comments that he was working on something in “an adjacent space,” a little black book-esque app that came in third at the Lean Startup Machine competition. We asked if he thought people would want to use Mr. Cooper’s theoretical app, which another commenter suggested be called Pursuit?

“I think that there’s indeed an opening in the market,” Mr. Kay told Betabeat. “Online dating has exploded in recent years but it’s only been addressing the issue of the introduction. I think that there’s a lot more to be done in terms of dating tools/apps to fill in the gaps.”

Mr. Cooper, who blogged that he has “some desks and some money” for the project, has not contacted Mr. Kay yet.

“I’m not that sure I want to share my love life with any of my friends,” tweeted local developer Pierre Valade after reading the post, titled “Whitespace For The Taking.”

Mr. Cooper was surprised; Mr. Valade posited that perhaps his love life was too complicated. “Complicated is better than non-existent,” Mr. Cooper tweeted back. “See, we’re talking about it right now. Look how fun this is.”

Want to Make a Facebook for Dishing on Dates? Jordan Cooper Will Pay You!