What is Your Prediction for NY26 Race? [Update]

All eyes will be on the NY26 race today, where Democrat Kathy Hochul has taken a small lead against one-time favorite, Republican Jane Corwin, with Tea Party candidate Jack Davis is still polling in double digits.

So, what are your predictions?

Email me your prediction (for example: Hochul-48, Corwin-45, Davis-2) and I’ll post them once the polls close at 9 pm tonight, next to your name or whatever it is people call you. [My email: azipaybarah at gmail]

Along with bragging rights, I’ll see if I can get the winner(s) something laying around the Observer’s office. Maybe a t-shirt, or a mug. Or an Observer book.

Update: At 4:30, catch live footage of guys who have a much better crystal ball than I do — Brian Lehrer and Nate Silver. The topic: prediction elections.

What is Your Prediction for NY26 Race? [Update]