Who Should Run the New York World?

Columbia University’s much-lauded school of journalism is preparing to launch a new publication with an emphasis on “accountability journalism.”

And they’re looking to hire an editor. So, if you have any recommendations…

From Columbia:

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism is launching an ambitious digital project – The New York World – designed to provide New York City citizens with accountability journalism about government operations that affect their lives. Named after the newspaper published by the school’s founder, Joseph Pulitzer, the project will deploy the talents of up to six recent graduates, plus faculty and current students.

New York World will serve both as a site, where citizens can learn more about how services are allotted and tax dollars are spent, and as a news service, providing stories, data and other information to local news providers.

New York World will be an integral part of Columbia Journalism School. Its editor and staff will work closely with the Tow Center for Digital Journalism to innovate and produce effective ways to help citizens understand how their government works. Additionally, the editor will engage faculty at the Journalism School and other university departments to bolster the content and authority of the site.

The Journalism School is also hiring new and recent graduates to serve as multimedia reporters and data specialists for New York World. Preference will go to students graduating in May 2011; alumni from recent classes will also be considered.

The journalists, who will serve as post-doctoral fellows reporting to the editor, will begin their work in late summer 2011 and will serve terms ending in mid-summer 2012, which may be renewed. The entire staff will work from the Journalism School, although at least one of the members may be assigned to Albany.


Provide editorial direction to develop and manage a site and news service, as measured by circulation strength, reader satisfaction, and digital innovation. Create new features and content that will resonate with readers and other media outlets. Evolve and refine the site over time as necessary.
Manage the creative efforts of staff and student contributors, editors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to produce a site with useful features, and diverse contributors. Hire, train and develop new talent, on an annual basis. Maintain the highest ethical and publishing standards.
Enhance the school’s digital offerings on the web and through interactive applications. Evaluate engagement metrics including traffic, contributions, postings, and multimedia content.
Performs other related duties as assigned.


Who Should Run the New York World?