Don’t miss this week’s riveting, real-life WikiLeaks thriller

This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of Bradley Manning’s incarceration for espionage—but it took this week’s episode of Frontline to make us realize how little we knew about his actions or motives, or the very weird circumstances leading up to his arrest.

Manning was barely into his twenties, a deeply out-of-place Army intelligence analyst who’d fallen in with computer hackers and ended up passing 250,000 diplomatic cables and surveillance videos to WikiLeaks. Frontline’s team interviewed his father, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Assange’s ertswhile partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg, top editors at the New York Times and the Guardian, and Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned Manning in to the FBI. That’s a lot to go on, and the resulting report is evenhanded, and more engrossing than anything you’d see on the big screen. (On PBS, and streaming online, tomorrow at 9 p.m.)

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