With the Tech Sector Booming, Reporters Head for the Exit

Not only is Silicon Alley booming again, but the IPO market is back in swing, meaning billions of web dollars are flowing through Wall Street.

Maybe that’s the reason some of New York’s top tech reporters have left their posts recently. In the last two months Venture Beat’s Jacob Brody split for Mesa to run business development, CNET’s Caroline McCarthy took a gig with Google‘s Trends and Insights and Mashable’s Vadim Lavrusik left for Facebook.

Today Silicon Alley Insider’s Dan Frommer joined the exodus, announcing his departure and noting he’s getting out while he’s on top. “It has been a wild time. Since I joined, the company has grown from three guys in a loading dock — we had to move our chairs so the FreshDirect order could be delivered — to a staff of 50, with more than 10 million monthly readers and a cool new office.”

It seems Frommer will be taking the entrepreneurial route. “But for me, now is the best time to try building some things of my own, so that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m very excited about it.”

“These journalists have built up some of the best networks in the tech business. They look around at all the activity and wonder where the money is,” a former reporter told Betabeat. “The truth is you get paid a lot more to keep your mouth shut than to publish people’s secrets.”

Bad time to start a new tech site…or perfect opportunity? With the Tech Sector Booming, Reporters Head for the Exit