Wolf Blitzer Stokes Pete King 2012

Peter King emailed supporters this morning with a CNN segment that features Wolf Blitzer talking rather breathlessly about how King won’t rule out a 2012 run for the White House.

In the interview clip, King says he has no plans to travel to any of the primary states, and that if Nassau County Chairman Joe Mondello wants to push it–as he did at a local Republican dinner on Tuesday night–it’s fine by King.

One could take that to mean King–who has previously passed on rumored runs for the governor’s mansion and the Senate–isn’t particularly serious about waging a national campaign. Blitzer saw it slightly differently.

“It sort of suggests to, me Brooke, he could be a favorite son sort of candidate if the Republican Party–not only in Nassau County, where he’s from–but in New York State, wants to put his name forward,” Blitzer told his co-host.

There is, of course, little downside for King to leave the proverbial door open, and use the media’s inevitable interest as a platform to talk about his work on the Homeland Security Committee, and to promote his re-election to Congress (which is what he did last night on CNN, and on the local news).

King drew a lot of plaudits from national Republicans for his willingness to attack what he perceived as political correctness, and hold a hearing on the alleged radicalization of the Muslim-American community. But he’s always been an unorthodox Republican; before the hearing took over the headlines, he joined some congressional Democrats to push for gun control legislation in the wake of Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting in Arizona–proposals that were staunchly opposed by the N.R.A.

Here’s the CNN segment: Wolf Blitzer Stokes Pete King 2012