1121-Done: At Least the Condo Newbs Are Getting the Shaft

Bedford Avenue
It's just not the same. (Getty)

One of the unexpected consequences of all the condo construction that swept North Brooklyn after the 2005 rezoning has been an influx of hipsters, yuppies and BroBos so grand, the post office now needs a new zip code besides 11211 to handle all the mail.

There was some mystery as to who would be losing out on the palindromic postal code, but now the USPS has sent out a map identifying the losers—and it looks to be the same people the locals have been calling losers for a while now.


The dividing line is that hippest of thoroughfares, Bedford Avenue, running from the tip of McCarren Park to the Navy Yard. Those on the waterfront side of the street are stuck with the unsightly 11249. Given that that is the part of the Burg where many of the new condos have gone up, it serves the arrivistes right.

But considering it bisects Bedford, the hipster feuding could heat up, too. Will Spoonbill and Sugartown suddenly lose their cache? Will Blackbird supplant the Charleston as the place to be? Fist fights, busted fixies, rival homemade pickles? The streets will run black with tattooing!

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1121-Done: At Least the Condo Newbs Are Getting the Shaft