Vanity Fair Editor Vicky Ward Dishes About the Other Woman

Allow us to call your attention to this article by Vanity Fair contributing editor Vicky Ward, published in the Daily Mail‘s  “Femail” section on Sunday.

The tell-all recounts the dissolution of her  marriage to Matthew Doull, a partner at Pluribus (a part owner of Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek) and stepnephew of fraudent publisher Conrad Black.

News of the affair was broken by Page Six a little over a year ago, when Ms. Ward was spotted at her book party for The Devil’s Poker with a disencumbered left hand.  At the time, Mr. Doull was camped out in former Vogue editor Plum Syke‘s unoccupied apartment.

Ms. Ward’s update makes new details public:

[In] March last year, while I was not sure if he would stay with me or leave, my ex put pictures of his 23-year-old girlfriend on Facebook when they went on holiday to Brazil. ‘I love your smell . . . your taste,’ he wrote. There was a picture of her in a hotel room on Copacabana beach with a champagne breakfast spread in front of her.


Until that moment, I had no idea he had a girlfriend. I recognised her – she was Vogue writer Selby Drummond, a smiley 23-year-old whom he had sat next to at several dinners recently. Until that moment, I hadn’t given her a second thought.

Ms. Drummond is now a Vogue accessories editor, and–total coincidence–a pal of Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour’s daughter. The two are still an item.

So why give the director’s cut now? The Globe reports that the Mail paid her £5,000 to dish.

“So the Mail is saying, ‘We’ll wire you the money into your bank account’ at the exact moment that he stopped paying,” says Ms. Ward on the phone from New York. “That’s the only reason I did it. I wrote it on Friday morning in two hours. It was a lot of money and I needed to not turn this woman out on the street.”

We like to think that if you sleep in the right circles, every failed relationship is a savings bond.

Vanity Fair Editor Vicky Ward Dishes About the Other Woman