4 Hudson County Dems rip proposed pension/health benefits reform

Four Hudson County Assembly members came out today strongly against the proposed health care/pension benefits reform.

Joan Quigley (D-32), Vincent Prieto (D-32), Jason O’Donnell (D-31) and Charles Mainor (D-31) cited a strong belief in workers’ collective bargaining rights in opposing the measure.

Their letter follows:

To Whom It May Concern:

Citing a strong belief in the principal of collective bargaining and protecting workers’ rights, Hudson County Assembly members Joan Quigley (D- 32), Vincent Prieto (D- 32), Jason O’Donnell (D- 31) and Charles Mainor (D-31) released the following joint statement:

“It has become clear that legislation which will eradicate the fundamental right to collectively bargain health care is going to be posted for a vote in the near future in the Assembly.

 “As individuals who have a strong belief in workers’ rights, the long standing principle of collective bargaining, and the basic premise that low-income and middle class citizens of this State should be able to have access to affordable health care we will not support legislation that erodes these protections.

“It is in times such as these, when certain legislators believe they can use the downturn in the economy to scapegoat public employees and roll back the fundamental democratic rights afforded to low-income and middle class workers, that those who believe in the core values of the Democratic Party must stand up and be heard.

“The health care proposal that was placed before Governor Christie by the union is a highly reasonable one that would require workers to pay significantly more of their health care premiums, among other cost saving measures for the State. Unfortunately this proposal was met with nothing but silence.

“The union’s was sincere and done in the correct venue – at the bargaining table — where workers’ rights still mean something and working families can be protected from being exploited for political gain.

“With respect to our colleagues, we will not support this legislation.”

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley

Assemblyman Vincent Prieto

Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell

Assemblyman Charles Mainor




4 Hudson County Dems rip proposed pension/health benefits reform