Andrew Cuomo Sees NY Victory Leading National Trend [Video]

Governor Cuomo at the 2011 Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan, on Sunday, June 26, 2011. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Here’s Andrew Cuomo after the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, in his first Q&A in New York City after signing same-sex marriage into law in Albany.

Asked if it should happen on the federal level too — where, President Obama hasn’t publicly embraced the issue yet — Cuomo, carefully, said he hopes New York’s legislation would “resonate all across the country now.”

(Russell Simmons told me earlier “They were very helpful, the White House, behind the scenes, very supportive of same-sex marriage.”)

Not pressing Obama on this issue, and not traveling out of state, is part of Cuomo’s strategy to tamp down the 2016 chatter, which, is growing louder.

As for the issue resonating, it might be tough–given that 29 states have constitutional amendments banning it and another dozen have laws against it.


Andrew Cuomo Sees NY Victory Leading National Trend [Video]