Anthony Weiner’s Future

With Anthony Weiner vowing, for now, not to resign and seek re-election, one notable detail in Michael Barbaro’s piece may throw that plan into jeopardy.

Before going public in a painful 27-minute press conference, Weiner contacted his trio of long-time advisers, consultant Jim Margolis, pollster Joel Benenson and spokesman Anson Kaye, to say he had been lying to them, along with everyone else. (None of the three was immediately available for comment this morning.)

That is one of the relationships Weiner may have to fix if he’s going to survive in office. (Ed Schultz, the liberal MSNBC host has already called on the congressman to resign.)

As Steve Kornacki and others noted, there’s not much support coming from his colleagues in Washington. Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into Weiner, and later, ignored my question about the congressman as she left a DCCC fund-raiser on Crosby Street last night.

Queens County Democratic Leader, Rep. Joe Crowley, told me as he left the event, “Obviously, what Anthony has exposed today was shocking to those of us who know him.”

Crowley called the revelations by his colleague “disappointing,” and said, “I think he has to be very honest and open at this point and think that’s really up to the people of his district to decide.”

Anthony Weiner’s Future