As Marriage Vote Stalls, Obama Comes to NYC for LGBT Fundraiser

At this point, the word out of Albany is that the bill to legalize same-sex marriage has enough votes to pass, but it remains uncertain if Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos will bring a bill to the floor for a vote.

And as the hallways of the Capitol resound with chants and church hymns, President Barack Obama will come to the Empire State tonight to raise money from members of the LGBT community at a $1,250 per plate “Gala with the Gay Community” at the midtown Sheraton.

The president has said that his views on gay marriage are “evolving” and tonight a number of activist groups, including Queer Rising and GETEQUAL are slated to protest the president to go further on gay rights.

“With the outcome of the New York State Senate vote on the Marriage Equality Act expected any moment, supporters and allies from the LGBT community will gather together in their call for full LGBT equality now,” write the organizers in a release. “With the majority of Americans now supporting the extension of marriage rights, there is no reason to delay or deny full equality to ALL LGBT Americans any longer. While the fight for full LGBT equality continues, we remind our leaders that without government support and protections the LGBT community is at greater risk for hate crimes, bullying, suicides and homelessness. We expect our elected officials to do the right thing by protecting the civil liberties of their entire constituency.” As Marriage Vote Stalls, Obama Comes to NYC for LGBT Fundraiser