Assembly Democrats Hit Senate Democrats as ‘Foolish’ and ‘Grandstanding’

Some Democratic infighting is deepening, with Assemblyman Keith Wright, Danny O’Donnell, Robert Rodriguez and Guillermo Linares accusing State Senators who voted against rent regulation extensions of voting “politically rather than practically.”

The Assembly members called it “totally irresponsible to leave these tenants without protection for even one minute.” They also said it was “absolutely ridiculous that these Senators chose not to extend the current law in order to make a political statement.”

“We should all hope and pray that not one tenant has been affected by the grandstanding of our State Senators,” they said.

There’s also some local politics here. The Assemblymen who issued the statement are from northern Manhattan, whose State Senator, Bill Perkins, is something of a pariah in the local political scene there. Part of that is because Perkins is considered a possible candidate for Rep. Rangel’s seat, should that ever become vacant. It’s also a seat that Assemblyman Wright has some interest in. Assembly Democrats Hit Senate Democrats as ‘Foolish’ and ‘Grandstanding’