Being a Fanboy Is Hard Work, Just Ask Fred Wilson

The Wilson family, sans devices.

Coming out of the closet as a fanboy for one mobile operating system over another isn’t as easy as posting the occasional cheerleading tweet. In the case of Apple fanboy and Instapaper founder Marco Arment, you have to literally redefine the word fanboy to regain your cred, even as you’re rallying to Apple’s defense.

And in the case of self-proclaimed “Android fanboy” Fred Wilson, it means proselytizing through the pain.

In a post on A VC today, Mr. Wilson geeks out about everything from the growth in Android adoption and the possibility that that will bring less janky apps to the decision to name Nexus Prime after one of the original thirteen Transformers. Mr. Wilson also delves into the less-talked fanboy hardship: the growing pains that happen when you, uh, encourage, those around you to join your camp.

Over the past six months I have watched my wife and two partners move from Blackberry to Android. None of those decisions was easy and without some pain. But I think they are all quite happy with the decisions and the Android platform. The Gotham Gal couldn’t imagine a phone without a physical keyboard so she is on the HTC G2. One of my partners is on the Nexus S and the other is on the orignal Nexus. I’m going to get him a Nexus Prime when it comes out.

Sorry, kids, doesn’t sound like anyone’s getting an iPad for Christmas.

Being a Fanboy Is Hard Work, Just Ask Fred Wilson