Bloomberg Hails Alesi as Historic 'Tipping Point' on Marriage

This morning at Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bloomberg heaped praise on Jim Alesi, the first Republican State Senator to say he would vote for same-sex marriage, which narrowly passed thanks to a handful of votes from his side of the aisle.

Bloomberg said Alesi “showed courageous leadership” and was the “tipping point in the debate.”

“I think you will go down in the history books as the legislator who turned the tide on marriage equality,” said Bloomberg, “Not only here in New York State but I think this is going to spread across the country.”

Alesi, said nine of ten constituents in his upstate district have thanked him for his vote, but admitted, there has been some political fallout.

Before the vote last week, “I did call my chairman in Monroe County and did give him a courtesy call,” said Alesi. “And I think shortly thereafter, in a matter of seconds, we had an understanding that our relationship was over.”

Bloomberg Hails Alesi as Historic 'Tipping Point' on Marriage