Bloomberg's Advice to Cuomo on Running for President [video]

“Get back to work,” was Mayor Bloomberg’s advice to Governor Cuomo, whose successful conclusion to his first legislative session has spurred talk of a possible presidential run in 2016.

Bloomberg, who considered running for president in 2008, said it was more difficult for executives to run for higher office than legislators.

“The next president of the United States I hope is going to be elected by the public based on what they’ve done when they’ve been in office,” said Bloomberg, speaking at an event for volunteer workers at Gracie Mansion.

“Keep in mind, for an executive, it’s very hard to ever run for an office nationally,” said the mayor. “Legislators can be away and campaign.”

Bloomberg said some governors have gone on to become president, but “generally, they didn’t run while in office. Executives have to be at his or her desk, all the time.”

Bloomberg's Advice to Cuomo on Running for President [video]