Bromance, the Location Based Network for Dudes that Do

As the excitement over the location based mobile apps continues to grow, it’s becoming more and more difficult to separate reality from satire.

Last night Betabeat stumbled on Bromance, sort of a Grindr for straights, that goes by the tagline, “Live, Laugh, Fist Bump.”

This morning we got our beta invite. “Starting a poker night? Looking for a game of hoops? Bromance supports virtually any type of event and takes the guess-work out of creating, interacting and sharing with friends both old and new.”

As usual, becoming a beta tester requires participation in a pyramid scheme, with users asked to invite three friends via Facebook, Twitter or email before getting one of the coveted early adopter slots.

Finally, the droves of lonesome bros wandering the streets with nothing but a sad face and sweet smartphone will be able to geo-locate their way to an all night sausage fest where the good times never stop. How do we invest?

Bromance, the Location Based Network for Dudes that Do