Buono criticizes lack of transparency in NJN/WNET deal

TRENTON – Sen. Barbara Buono told Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff she was concerned that the governor’s office won’t allow the three advisers  who gave him recommendations on the WNET/NJN deal to testify.

The treasurer told the Senate Budget Committee that those advisers are to be considered an extension of him as treasurer, and that the ultimate decision to award the takeover of NJN to WNET was his. 

He explained that the state used Public Radio Capital as a financial adviser on the deal, and that there was an advisory committee assembled to review the proposals.

Montclair State University and WNET were recommended for a second round of consideration, and the advisers ultimately gave him a recommendation for WNET, he told the committee. There were five applicants in the first round for NJN TV, he said.

But Buono said she found it disturbing that the administration won’t allow staff members to testify before the committee, and earlier had said she was very concerned about the level of transparency in this five-year deal made with WNET.

http://www.politickernj.com/48881/lamakers-demand-answers-over-rejected-montclair-state-bid Buono criticizes lack of transparency in NJN/WNET deal