Chivas Rocks? Neat? No, Paz De La Huerta Will Have a Perrier

Paz de la Huerta kills animals for sport.

The invitation to the UrbanDaddy Day of Brotherhood at The Bowery Hotel promised honor, chivalry, and awards given to great men.  Manly things! the invitation proclaimed. It delivered amply — taxidermy tigers, platters of lobster in butter sauce, bear-skin pelts, spit-roasted pig, bloody flank steak, floating waitresses offering Chivas neat and Chivas rocks, a fencing match, and the presence of Mr. Big.

“My charity isn’t gonna be happy with me standing next to a stuffed wolf, but they’ll get over it,” Chris Noth said. His charity is called the Rainforest Action Network. There was indeed a stuffed wolf, but also a stuffed fox, as well as a trio of unsmiling Russian woman wearing small tops and small top hats balancing a tray of whiskeys on their palms.

The theme, it was explained, was the Scottish tradition of manliness.

“Instead of wearing kilts you sit down with the skin of a bear,” Mr. Noth said. He noted that both kilts and pelts were equally manly.

Somewhere amid all the carousing Paz de la Huerta walked up to the stage filled with dead animals, stuffed and skinned, and pulled in a crowd as she posed for pictures on an old leather couch.

Taxidermy was in the air. Have you ever killed an animal, Paz?

“I grew up on a ranch half my life in Spain and my dad taught me how to shoot when I was six,” she told The Observer. “I shot a few foxes. The kickback on the rifle, it’s incredibly strong so this shoulder was black.”

It was time to go to the bar, where The Observer had a waitress send over a Chivas on the rocks. Paz stopped to congratulate Waris Ahluwalia, one of the men who received awards. Behind us, men were yelling “Freedom! Freedom!” back and forth at each other, arms raised, in an attempt to channel Braveheart. Both had whiskeys in the hands. But the actress, who was arrested in March for punching a reality show star in the face at the Boom Boom Room, didn’t go fully Scottish. She asked for her drink and when it arrived, it was a fuzzy glass of Perrier.

Chivas Rocks? Neat? No, Paz De La Huerta Will Have a Perrier