Cryan and Giblin rally union forces

TRENTON – Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan (D-20) and Assemblyman Tom Giblin (D-34) stood in front of a crowd of public sector workers today outside the Statehouse Annex, urging them to keep the pressure on Gov. Chris Christie.

“Keep fighting and bring this governor to the bargaining table,” said Cryan in a brief but impassioned statement.

Giblin amplified.

“Are you going to fight?” the assemblyman yelled. “Are you going to show up in Trenton? This is the fight of your life. If you keep getting kicked in the ass, then you get what you deserve. I’m from the school of fighting back.”

Giblin said if the health and pension deal passes, workers would sufer a five percent pay decrease.

Cryan and Giblin rally union forces