Cuomo Rules Out 2016, But Only For a Few Minutes [Audio]

On Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo briefly ruled out running for president in 2016.

“No, it’s not a possibility,” Cuomo said, after being pressed by Dicker. “It’s not about 2016. It’s about the power of the passage of marriage equality.”

A few minutes later, Dicker cited an instant message he received from Politico editor Greg Birnbaum, saying such a declaration would be the “wood” for Politico.

So, asked again if he was ruling it out, Cuomo amended his tune.

“No,” he said. “Let’s be clear, I’m not going to engage in this conversation or fuel the speculation. I have a very important job to do, we just started doing it, and I’m going to focus on this job.”

The speculation has been kicking around for some time now, but became part of the national conversation late Friday, when Cuomo signed a same-sex marriage bill he helped usher through the Republican State Senate.

Here’s the full interview, with Cuomo’s rule-out and reversal coming around the 7-minute mark:

Cuomo Dicker June 27

  Cuomo Rules Out 2016, But Only For a Few Minutes [Audio]