CWA: Christie’s goal is to score points with GOP voters in Iowa

TRENTON – The Communications Workers of America blasted the pension and health benefits reform deal drawn up by the Senate president and the governor.

“Gov. Christie has now made his real agenda clear,” CWA. New Jersey State Director Hetty Rosenstein said in a release. “He knows he can get pension savings working with the legislature. He knows he can get health care savings by accepting our proposal at the bargaining table, which would save hundreds of millions for the state without making health care unaffordable for public workers.

“But the Governor’s priority is not helping New Jersey taxpayers. The only thing he cares about is scoring political points with Republican primary voters in Iowa, by smashing collective bargaining and busting unions in a Blue state.

“Democrats in the legislature have a clear choice. They can help Christie’s presidential ambitions and join his war on the middle-class, or they can stand up for workers’ rights and New Jersey taxpayers.”

She said she was responding to the Governor’s declaration that he will only sign a bill reforming public worker pensions if it also takes away the right of state workers to bargain over health care as well.

CWA: Christie’s goal is to score points with GOP voters in Iowa