CWA official calls NJN/WNET ‘wired, inside’ deal

A union official decried the WNET/NJN merger by calling it a “wired, inside deal’’ that will dilute N.J. programming, ignores the value of the NJN staff, and bypassed basic open bidding practices.

Dudley Burdge, of CWA Local 1032, told the Assembly Budget Committee that they still don’t know enough about the WNET proposal to assess it fully.

He said during the bidding process the governor’s office wouldn’t even release the identities of the bidders.

Yet Burdge told the committee that last September Steve Adubato Jr. predicted he would take over NJN, and that they heard similar reports from the Foundation for N.J. Public Broadcasting.

Burdge said WNET’s plans to cut a staff of more than 120 and to have 15 to 20 providing the same quality of programming “doesn’t meet the smell test.’’ CWA official calls NJN/WNET ‘wired, inside’ deal