CWA rips health care benefits changes proposed by Sweeney

TRENTON  – The Communications Workers of America today criticized the health care benefits reform offered by Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Hetty Rosenstein, state director of CWA, said that among other things, the plan proposed by Sweeney does not take inflation into account.

“In reality, workers who keep their current coverage would pay thousands of dollars more than Sweeney suggests. The Senate President sought to minimize the impact of his plan on workers by simply ignoring the reality of health care cost inflation,” Rosenstein said in a release.

Raising the fear of higher co-pays and deductibles as a result of his proposal, Rosenstein said, “Sweeney’s bad data and bad policy make clear why collective bargaining is a far better way for determining the details of workers’ health care. CWA, joined by the other state unions, has put forward a detailed plan that includes the creation of three separate health care plans offered by each of three providers, (traditional PPO, and the Aetna and Cigna HMOs) for a total of nine plans, each with escalating levels of doctor co-pays.”

Earlier in the day, Sweeney unveiled the legislation he will introduce overhauling the state’s system of pension and health care benefits for public workers.

CWA rips health care benefits changes proposed by Sweeney