DCCC again targets Runyan with robocall

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) continues to try to soften up U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-3) with robocalls.  

In a release today the DCCC said the new calls fit into a 14-district framework and represent the latest phase in the DCCC’s paid and grassroots “Drive for 25” campaign to win back control of the House.

Below is a text of the automated call zapping Runyan…

“Hi, this is Clare calling on behalf of the DCCC.  What does Congressman Jon Runyan have against seniors? 

“First Runyan voted with his Republican leadership to end Medicare while protecting subsidies for Big Oil and tax breaks for billionaires.  Now, they are trying to privatize Social Security.

“Republican leaders’ scheme to gamble the Social Security that seniors worked a lifetime to earn on Wall Street is way too dangerous.  One bad market could wipe out years of savings, putting generations of retirees at risk.  Call Congressman Jon Runyan… and tell him not to gamble Social Security on Wall Street.”

In a statement, Runyan condemned what he cited as misleading robocalls:

“The American people are demanding solutions from Washington,” the congressman said. “Sadly, with so much at stake, there are proponents of the status quo who are once again working to scare seniors and levy political attacks.  This time they’re misleading voters about Social Security. This week, the DCCC has announced they plan to call voters in my district regarding a recently introduced bill that I have not supported– In fact this legislation only has 6 out of 435 members co-sponsoring it, and hasn’t even gone through the committee process. I came to Washington to fix our fiscal mess, and these desperate attempts to scare voters and malign my record are a much unneeded distraction from solving this important problem.”  

DCCC again targets Runyan with robocall