Democrat: ‘Anthony Weiner Could Ride This Out’

“Anthony has been a great congressman and if he and his wife want to, I think he will ride this out and go back to trying to be a great congressman.”

That was Democratic City Councilman Mark Weprin of Queens, one of the people talked about as a possible successor to the embattled congressman from New York’s 9th district. In an interview, Weprin said it is possible for Weiner to admit to needing help, “disappearing” for a little while and going to rehab, and then emerging as a humbled, self-depreciating, but renewed man.

Weprin said Weiner could “completely” rehabilitate himself in about a year.

Not everyone agrees. A congressional staffer told me the recent, X-rated image of Weiner’s penis is career-ending.

“The cock shot is devastating. Not even Bill Clinton had that,” said the staffer. This person said it’s hard to look at Weiner in the face after looking at him in the, you know…

  Democrat: ‘Anthony Weiner Could Ride This Out’