Eat, Pray, Club: Adrien Field’s Passage to India

Adrien Field, in America
Adrien Field, in America (Patrick McMullan)

In March 2011, The Observer wrote about the Vibe stylist and self-published author Adrien Field, a self-styled society mainstay who’d written a book on young people who go to parties. He was surprised his novel hadn’t been purchased by a publishing house: “Between Vibe, writing for the Huffington Post, my blog, going out and gathering press about myself—I don’t know anyone as compelling as myself.” He loved the spotlight and all that New York’s fashion scene had to offer a svelte, canny young thing.

That “loved” is in past tense; the climb is over. The Transom has learned that Mr. Field has given up on the dream of New York demi-stardom; on his blog, he recently wrote that he had sold his possessions and gone off on a vision quest to India. “I need to grow,” he wrote. “And for that, I need new experiences, a different environment, and new challenges … I want to be completely unencumbered, all my possessions packed into two suitcases.” He sold all of his possessions!

Mr. Field indicated to the Transom that the journey isn’t just about personal growth. “I came to India partly for business,” he said, “but mostly because you can only grow so much by staying in one place.” The location may change, but old habits die hard; Mr. Field has blogged about visiting a “rather trendy restaurant” in Delhi and visiting “a club called Hype in the [sic] Shrangri-La Hotel.” When not out on the town, Mr. Field has noted “littered-filled streets and poverty.” He’s a year wiser, now, and tweeted that he was debating how to spend his birthday: “Half of me wants to check into an Ashram, the other half a room in the Taj.”

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Eat, Pray, Club: Adrien Field’s Passage to India