IP Uh Oh. Facebook’s Active Users Shrink in U.S., U.K. and Canada

Where is everybody?

According to the website Inside Facebook, the companies overall growth took a hit in April and May as users from the social network’s oldest markets began to abandon the site.

For the past year, Facebook has added an average of 20 million new users per month. But in April of this year they posted gains of 13.9 million and in May just 11.8.

What gives? Well, Facebook’s user base has actually been shrinking in some palces.

The U.S. saw the biggest hit, losing nearly six million active users. Canada dropped 1.5 million while the U.K. shaved 100,000 friends from its rolls.

The company is still on track to hit 700 million users before the end of the summer and has long been reported to earn a steady profit on the revenue it collects from advertising and sales of digital goods.

But leading up to a public offering, Facebook certainly doesn’t want to see a serious decline in its growth rate or decay in its older, more established markets. That’s a problem that has been hounding Groupon since its recent S1 filing with the SEC.

Facebook still has a lot of room for growth overseas, and Zuckberg was recently in China, a massive market that has traditionally been tough for American firms to crack.


IP Uh Oh. Facebook’s Active Users Shrink in U.S., U.K. and Canada