From Statesmen to Celebrity: The Decline of American Politics

The latest in a long embarrassing string of gaffes by Sarah Palin really brings the truth home – that American

The latest in a long embarrassing string of gaffes by Sarah Palin really brings the truth home – that American politics is devoid of educated, sober statesmen. 

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It is the supreme embarrassment of the Republican Party that this person Sarah Palin has the audacity to hold herself out as a legitimate leader of this Party.  From writing notes on her hand like an unprepared 7th grader, to her mangling of Paul Revere’s ride this week (” he went around ringing those bells to warn the British”) – UGGHH – it’s nauseating that we have to tolerate this childishness.


Of course the real culprit in Palin’s entry onto the scene isn’t her.  It is the so-called professional advisors to John McCain in 2008 who first suggested her as a Vice-Presidential contender.  Even McCain, according to accounts, had enough sense at first to raise an eyebrow when her name was first mentioned, but of course allowed himself to be talked into it by his advisors, who should be forced into finding new professions after saddling our nation with this imbecile.


It is political leadership as celebrity, rather than leadership by experience, intelligence, education, scholarship.


It’s not only the Republican Party that is suffering. 


Barack Obama owes the Presidency to his celebrity, rather than to any meaningful achievement or credential that had previously earned most earlier Presidents the nation’s highest office. 


He was a “community organizer” longer than he was a state legislator or US Senator.  And of course we may never know if he had any real scholarly credentials, because his college and law school papers, like his birth certificate, have long been hidden from public view.


Where are the serious men and women?  Are we really stuck with Mitt Romney, who changed his mind on abortion as a middle-aged adult?  Are we really supposed to believe in the sincerity and integrity of a person who changes their position on abortion long after they were Governor of a state?  Are we supposed to be so stupid that we are being asked to believe that a Governor’s views were not consciously decided after much careful  thought and deliberation?  It is asking too much.


I believe it is the growing revulsion in the Republican Party to the phonies (Romney) and lightweights (Palin and others) that is driving GOP voters and leaders around the country to seek out alternatives like Governor Christie, whose candor (I’m not ready to President) and blunt-talk makes him completely different than the other players on the field.


In fact, Christie is closer to the statesmen of old – accomplished veteran of a difficult public job with sterling results (US Attorney), successful Governor of a large, diverse state, willing to tell the unvarnished truth.


America needs more politicians in this mold.

From Statesmen to Celebrity: The Decline of American Politics