Invasion of the Start-up Machers

Gonna fit right in

We already knew TechCrunch scribe Jason Kincaid was headed to the land of tall buildings and working taxis. But last night Betabeat heard that grand aggregator Gabe Rivera and his pen pal Alexia Tsotsis may soon be joining the party in Gotham. What gives?

“It’s hard to find good restaurants or bars in San Francisco after 9:30 pm,” said Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale, sipping a Brooklyn brewed IPA at the GDGT Live event last night. “Plus you’re three hours behind.”

SeatGeek’s Ben Kessler, who paid his San Fran dues before settling in Silicon Alley, asked Beale about who would make up the next wave. “A lot of people at Twitter are going to get vested soon, and from there they can go anywhere they want,” said Beale. “So I expect a lot of those folks will wind up in New York.”

Mediagazer’s Megan McCarthy, herself a west coast ex-pat, said there was more to come. “The hard core engineers don’t care that Palo Alto is tiny and boring. But so much of tech is media now, and New York is the capital of that.”

GDGT co-founder Peter Rojas was chatting with serial sidekick Alex Miller, who had just finished producing a podcast for his boss, Stack Exchange founder Joel Spolsky. Betabeat confessed our concern that we would be big-footed by the arrival of West Coast technorati.

“You just have to keep it super local,” said Rojas. “The tech community here is growing like crazy, and we need our hometown paper.”

This post was updated to correct a quote from Scott Beale, who does not think speed is the essence of the game, or that SF is boring late at night, just lacking in restaurants and bars. Invasion of the Start-up Machers