Giuliani Urges Ulrich

With increasing pressure on Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress, former mayor Rudy Giuliani met with Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich today and offered his support in a potential special election, according to Politico.

The district is heavily Democratic, but a relatively unknown Republican challenger, Bob Turner, received 40 percent of the vote against Weiner in 2010, and Democratic consultant Jerry Skurnik said it’s the most Republican district in the city outside of Staten Island.

Ulrich is currently the youngest person ever elected to the City Council–a distinction once held by Weiner–and the two have a number of rather striking similarities.

If there is a special election, strong showing by Republicans could help counter the narrative that the party’s Medicare proposal has damaged its 2012 prospects, after Democrat Kathy Hochul won a special in a heavily Republican district upstate last month. Giuliani Urges Ulrich