Greg Ball Explains His No Vote [Video]

Last night, shortly before he sent out a statement announcing he would vote ‘no’ on same-sex marriage, Greg Ball explained his thinking to the Regional News Network.

In short, Ball said the bill still lacks the religious protections he’s been pressing for. “It’s not even close,” he said, though he predicted the measure would eventually come to the floor and pass.

He called the public debate “pretty horrific in some instances,” though he praised the conversation in the Republican caucus as based on conscience and principle, and not on politics. He called that internal debate “refreshing.”

“I think that the Republicans who come out and vote yes, some of them are going to be destroying their political careers–no doubt,” he said.

With the number of committed senators still stuck at 31, Ball had–until he declared his intention last night–made himself the very public face of the swing votes in the Republican conference.

He appeared on CNN, and cast a very public call on Twitter for advice on how to vote–despite supporters like Tom Duane claiming that they’ve never considered Ball anything close to a yes vote.

Ball’s higher profile stands in contrast to other uncommitted senators like, say, Steve Saland, who has mostly stayed in the background as he contemplates his vote.


Greg Ball Explains His No Vote [Video]