Hillary Clinton’s Ex-Intern Is Exposed, While Exposing Herself

"I'm a Pornstar!"

If you thought Weinergate was the end of crotch shots, dirty talk and Internet voyeurism (all with the rosy glow of a history in politics!), think again: the situation is now x-rated.

Meet Samantha Kogelman, working name Sammie Spades. The “About Sammie” section on her Facebook reads:I’m a Pornstar! I love having sex, partying and cooking delicious food! I’m also a full time college student and I regularly dance at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas!” The self-proclaimed “Pornstar!” had been working in relative obscurity (“hits” include Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 3, I Fucked You & Yo Mama 5, and Internal Injections 7) until early this morning, when news broke that the 24 year-old used to be an intern for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The intern-cum-adult video actress first met Ms. Clinton at a banquet in 2006, where she inquired about an internship opportunity with the then Senator. In a statement on TMZ.com, Kogelman (er, Spades?) says that she was accepted into the summer 2006 internship program at the New York Senator’s Buffalo office where she performed miscellaneous office tasks. The overnight star states that she “…was planning on becoming an attorney and then going into public office” but that financial troubles impelled her into a career in pornography.

The small-time star was thrust into the spotlight when photos of her with Secretary of State Clinton, from her days as a lowly intern, were tied to her current identity as Sammie Spades and leaked to TMZ.

In a call with The Observer this morning, Kogelman’s publicist Kevin Blatt said that the actress was “shocked” when the story came out but that now “she’s embracing it… It is what it is.”

It certainly seems as if the overnight star is making the most of the situation. In a Twitter post from around nine o’clock this morning, she writes “Look! Someone thinks I’m interesting today :oP” and included the link to the TMZ article. Later, her feed is updated with: “Well, its definitely been an interesting morning! Check out the story on TMZ if you don’t know y :o)”

Blatt’s relationship with Kogelman appears to be somewhat suspect. During this morning’s conversation, he admitted that he has only represented the former intern for two days. He explained that he “has friends at TMZ” and that they gave him the “heads up that the photo leaked” after which time he approached the actress. “I told her she needed representation,” said Blatt, who markets himself as a “celebrity news maker” on his website.

Sounds sketchy to us, but it would appear that all of the buzz around Sammie Spades’ (albeit brief) history in politics has been good for her career. According to her newly acquired publicist, he has been fielding calls from photographers and magazines all morning.

In a final statement, the actress asserts that she doesn’t “think Hillary would be too happy” but that she has “nothing but respect for Mrs. Clinton.”

Perhaps Weiner should take a page out of Sammie’s book and consider pornography as his next career move. After all, with those photos, he’s well on his way to becoming a “Pornstar!”


  Hillary Clinton’s Ex-Intern Is Exposed, While Exposing Herself