How They Voted: Libya

The House voted today on two measures admonishing President Obama for maintaining military force in Libya without Congressional approval.

House Speaker Boehner’s resolution passed along party lines, with but two New York Democrats — Paul Tonko upstate and Carolyn McCarthy on Long Island — joining Republicans to vote in favor.

A similar resolution, advanced by liberal Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinch, failed but was more complicated. That resolution, “directing the President…to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya” saw a surprising number of liberal Democrats (Nadler, Rangel) voting in favor of it, while more moderate Democrats (Maloney, Crowley) opposed it.

Tim Bishop, a Democrat who narrowly won re-election to his swing district on Long Island, voted in favor of it. So did two upstate Republicans: Chris Gibson of Saratoga Springs, and Tom Reed of Corning.

Here’s the vote on the Kucinich resolution:

No-Ackerman (D)

No-Buerkle (R)

Yes-Bishop (D)

No-Crowley (D)

Yes-Clarke  (D)

Yes-Engel (D)

Yes-Gibson (R)

No-Grimm (R)

No-Hayworth (R)

No-Hanna (R)

No-Higgins (R)

Yes-Hinchey (D)

No-Hochul (D)

No-Lowey (D)

No-Israel (D)

No-King (R)

No-Maloney (D)

Yes-McCarthy (D)

No-Meeks (D)

Yes-Nadler (D)

No-Owens (R)

Yes-Rangel (D)

Yes-Reed (R)

Yes-Serrano (D)

No-Slaughter (D)

Yes-Tonko (D)

Yes-Towns (D)

Yes-Velazquez (D)

No-Weiner (D) How They Voted: Libya