Robert Scoble May or May Not Hate Babies. Click Three Times to Find Out

Mr. Scoble.

“Yo, on my way to SF, I met Bob Scoble at a rest stop on I-5,” Walter Chen, co-founder of IDoneThis, the side project that went start-up and is now joining AngelPad, Gchatted Betabeat. “He was talking to my cousin about avoiding speed traps and babies,” he continued. “And I was like, oh snap, is that Bob Scoble?”

Wait, Robert Scoble hates babies? Betabeat asked.

“Sorry. Avoiding speed traps, and then babies,” Mr. Chen corrected. “So I sauntered up to him and I said, I like your t-shirt. It said, ‘I love APIs’ or something. And I said, I have a start-up, and he said, ‘I love to hear about new start-ups.’ So I said, let me tell you about IDoneThis. Which I did.”

Mr. Scoble tweeted something too: “Yes, I even get pitched startups at rest stops in the middle of nowhere. Met @smalter yesterday who told me about @idonethis Trying it now.” Then: “Oh, @kr8tr will love @idonethis — it asks you to tell it every day what you got done. Makes weekly reports to bosses much easier!”

Mr. Scoble is an influential blogger (Klout score: 84) as well as notoriously good-natured about being pitched. His capacity for trying new apps is bottomless. “Oh, and, yes, I do answer my own cell phone and I do include that number on the Internet for you to use: +1-425-205-1921 and have for several years. I live in Half Moon Bay near the Ritz and would love to meet up with geeks/entrepreneurs if you are in town and I’m available,” he writes on his Google profile.

Robert Scoble May or May Not Hate Babies. Click Three Times to Find Out