Hydrofracking Moratorium to be Lifted in NYS: Report

New York State will reportedly lift its moratorium on hydrofracking the controversial drilling procedure environmentalists say could pollute the water supply, but advocates say is safe and could be an economic boom for the struggling upstate economy.

A spokesman for Cuomo said the report is premature and speculative.

A spokesperson for the state’s environmental agency did not immediately have a comment on lifting of the moratorium, first reported by The New York Times in a breaking news alert on their homepage.

The lifting of the moratorium by the state would be the first major position Governor Cuomo has taken on the controversial issue since taking office in January.

One environmental activist who has opposed hydrofracking is actor Mark Ruffalo, who said at a party on Tuesday “I’d like to see it banned in New York State altogether.”

Ruffalo was speaking to the Observer during a party celebrating the passage of same-sex marriage. At the event, Ruffalo said Cuomo reached out to him months ago to discuss energy issues.

“If Cuomo knew he had cover from New York City’s financial elite, for hydrofracking,” said Ruffalo, “then he would be much more bullish on the issue. He’s sort of playing the fence right now.” Hydrofracking Moratorium to be Lifted in NYS: Report