John Liu Heads to Bill de Blasio Territory to Fundraise

A reader passes along the following invitation from Lucy Koteen for a fundraiser for City Comptroller John Liu.

The shindig is deep in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn–in other words, deep in the heart of Bill de Blasio territory, so can be viewed as something of a raid into enemy camp for the 2013 mayoral race.

The host committee includes a number of familiar names from Brooklyn politics–Olanike Alabi, a district leader in the 57th Assembly district, former City Council candidates Ken Diamondstone and Josh Skaller and former Congressman Major Owens.

The invite partially shows some of the divisions in Brooklyn politics, and reveals how difficult it will be for  de Blasio to sweep the borough in a 2013 run, even without Anthony Weiner in the race. Koteen and her home club–the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats– have never been big de Blasio fans, primarily for what they view as his tepid opposition to Atlantic Yards.

Full invite below:


Please Join Our Host Committee

Honorable Olanike Alabi ● Sandy Balboza ● Candace Carponter         Phil DePaolo ● Ken Diamondstone ● Sean Elder ● Judi Francis  Scott Klein ● Joe Kopitz ● Lucy Koteen ● Sean Meenan  Congressman Major Owens ● Raul Rothblatt ● Ron Shiffman  Josh Skaller ● Roy Sloane ● Terry Urban ● Irene Van Slyke

We cordially invite you

to a summer house party on the rooftop in support of

John C. Liu

New York City Comptroller


Join us in recognizing his accomplishments,

Come hear about his plans,

Engage in a conversation with John about our neighborhoods.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A donation of $250 is suggested.

All levels of donations accepted.



Enjoy Summer Fare and Beverages

At the home of Candace Carponter

299 13th Street Apt.#4A

Brooklyn, NY 11215



Please RSVP to Lucy Koteen by e-mail at or

by calling 718-938-3935 before June 30.

Paid for by Friends of John Liu-Thank you for your support!


  John Liu Heads to Bill de Blasio Territory to Fundraise