Kanka: Corzine was wrong to abolish death penalty

District 14 Senate candidate Richard Kanka is upset by the latest appeal of convicted murderer Jesse Timmendequas to get out of prison.

“At 6 p.m. last night I was informed that the sexual predator who killed my daughter was attempting to reopen his conviction to gain his freedom,” Kanka said in a statement. “That this killer has any chance to use legal maneuvers to get out of jail is an outrage. The Legislature and Jon Corzine were wrong to abolish the death penalty for sexual predators who kill children.

“Now these deranged killers will waste our tax dollars with appeals, and some will be freed.  When I testified before the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee in 2007, I warned the Legislature that this could be a consequence of their action. Too many wrong choices like this are being made in the Legislature. We must restore legal balance to protect the justice provided to victims and their families.  It violates all common sense and decency to open new doors of opportunity for convicted child predators.” Kanka: Corzine was wrong to abolish death penalty